FireRock Outdoor

FireRock Outdoor Fireplaces and Ovens

Pre-engineered for strength and virtually maintenance free, these traditional fireplaces extend your precious summer season. The fireplaces are available in straight or arched fronts. All products are modular and easily lend themselves to customization.

Outdoor Fireplace

In a traditional fireplace look, this product includes firebox, smoke chamber, and two or three feet of solid chimney.

Hearth Width options:
30", 36" and 42"

arched front outdoor fireplace

The arched front provides detail that can be veneered with man-made or sliced stone. This design feature is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Solid block chimney comes standard.

Hearth Width options:
30", 36" and 42"

Outdoor Oven

This outdoor wood-fired oven can be seamlessly integrated into any outdoor kitchen and is made from the same insulating materials as our fireplaces.

Hearth Width:
48" at base