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Plan Ahead: Your Spring Landscaping To-Do List

Take your spring cleaning one step further and follow these tips to spruce up your outdoor living space to be sure you’re summer-ready. Start with a Clean Sweep Give your managed gardens, walkways and children’s play areas a solid once-over with a rake and some trimmers. Clearing out dead plants, sticks and rubbish opens up… Read more »

Stop the Sneeze: Gardening Tips for Allergy Sufferers

These gardening tips and plants will not only beautify your landscape; they’ll keep your allergies to a minimum, letting you spend more time outside and less time sniffling and sneezing. Tips for Gardening with Allergies Use oyster shells, gravel or plants as ground cover, instead of mulch. Mulch can retain moisture, encouraging mold growth. Cut… Read more »

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Hot Iron: Easy Cast-Iron Recipes for the Grill

Add the flavor and style of cast iron to your next grill session. Cast-iron pans and skillets take longer to heat up, but they are better at retaining thermal energy and thus cook foods more evenly once they’re at temperature. These recipes bring the skillet to the grill, letting you layer deep and rich flavors… Read more »

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Bloomin’ Bulbs: The Best Bulbs To Plant For Spring Blooms

Kick off your spring with a bloom! These beautiful bulbs are hardy enough to endure the winter and even some early spring snows while bringing an immediate pop of color to your yard in early spring. Use them to create a dazzling border along a walkway or for intermittent patches of color throughout your outdoor… Read more »

Spa Day: Tips to Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into a Personal Spa

When planning your patio project, it can be helpful to divide your installation into several spaces based on function. For example, you may place your outdoor kitchen closer to the house to make more room for the pool and kids’ play area. If you’re considering an outdoor spa, these helpful tips will turn your backyard… Read more »

Livin’ on the Edge: Paver Edging Options

Planning the perfect outdoor living space involves making lots of choices. While the border of your paver patio may seem like a small detail, there are several options to consider, each with its own pros and cons. When planning your patio, consult with your Eagle Bay installer and this guide to choose the right edge… Read more »

Cold Smoke: Smoker Recipes for the Winter

Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean your smoker can’t keep it hot all winter long. These delicious recipes will have you serving up flavorful meals reminiscent of summer barbecues. Smoked Prime Rib Roast Make a statement with this beautiful culinary centerpiece. It has a strong herbal flavor and is perfect for your holiday… Read more »

Warm & Happy: Unique Winter Drinks

Eagle Bay’s installers are pros at creating unique and inviting outdoor living spaces. There’s no better way to enjoy these creations than with an equally unique (and delicious) cocktail in your hand while grilling or hanging out around the fire pit. These festive and flavorful drinks will let you stretch your bartending skills while wowing… Read more »

5 Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens are a staple in many outdoor living space installations. They offer unbridled convenience, add style and give you more options when hosting get togethers. If you’re in the process of planning your patio, it’s wise to consider adding an outdoor kitchen. Here are some design tips to help get you started. Consider Your… Read more »

Design Review: 2020’s Upcoming Design Trends

The new year is almost here and with it comes the shifting terrain of new design trends and styles. If you’re in the process of planning an outdoor living space or want to add some new flair to your existing patio, these trends will keep you at the forefront of fashionable outdoor design. Mix It… Read more »

Smart Patio: Top Outdoor Tech for the New Year

You’ve heard about smart homes, but how about a smart patio? These nifty gadgets will propel your outdoor living space into the future. Santa Clara Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker It’s the latest addition to the outdoor speaker world. The Santa Clara Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the pinnacle of tech evolution. It’s stylish,… Read more »

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5 Must Make Fall Fish Recipes

With cold weather approaching, we’re all seeking the savory deliciousness of comfort foods. Fish may not seem like an obvious choice, but with a convincing list of health benefits, these savory recipes will easily become a staple in your winter repertoire. Cod Chowder with Bacon, Butternut Squash, and Thyme With savory flavors of smoked paprika… Read more »

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Winter Wildlife: How to Attract Wildlife during the Winter Months

The winter months can make your backyard feel a little sparse. Luckily, it’s easy to liven up your outdoor living space with these lush plants and by trying out of some of these tips. Provide Food Sources Animals are constantly seeking out new food, especially in the winter months. Therefore, adding specific food sources to… Read more »

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Flavors of Fall—Delicious Bourbon Cocktails

Bourbon is possibly the perfect spirit for fall. Its warming, rich flavors find their way to the center of your chest, radiating heat and enjoyment throughout. Cozy up to one of these tasty cocktails around your fire pit or fireplace to enjoy crisp air and good times. Bourbon-Spiked Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate is a fall… Read more »

5 Creative Ways To Store Firewood

With colder weather right around the corner, it’s time to start stocking up on firewood for your fire pit or fireplace. When that pickup full of wood arrives at your door, do you know where you’re going to stack it? Of course, the Eagle Bay Dublin Woodbox is a great option, but if it doesn’t… Read more »

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Terrifying Tech: Smart Home-Compatible Halloween Décor

Scare the pants off your neighbors from the comfort of your couch! These high-tech Halloween hacks will turn your house into a modern Amityville horror. From DIY tricks to contemporary decoration pieces, check out this terrifying rundown. Digital Decorating Kit This high-def display kit from Atmos FX allows you to project images of demons, ghouls… Read more »

7 Screening Plant Styles for Privacy and How to Use Them

Choosing the right plants for your outdoor living space can create seamless transitions between different areas while also offering you more privacy. Here are seven great options for your outdoor space. Evergreen Trees   For year-round coverage, there’s no better option than evergreen trees. They are capable of creating a dense privacy screen while also… Read more »

Keep It Buzzin’: Backyard Bee Attractants

Photo: Pixabay  Flora and fauna both benefit from the presence of bees. Bees promote cross-pollination and are a critical link in most ecosystems. Due to the decline in bee populations, it’s more difficult to attract them. Here are some tips to keep your local bee population thriving, benefitting your garden and landscape. Offer Cover Photo:… Read more »

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Yardinator: Rise of the Mowbots

The robot takeover has begun. It was only a matter of time before those handy little household vacuums attached spinning blades to themselves and made their way into our yards. Here’s everything you need to know about 2019’s best robotic lawn mowers. Robomow RS630 This 44-pound bot comes equipped with two blades, allowing it to… Read more »

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Meat Master: The No BS Guide to Grilling Steak

It’s the age-old debate: What’s the best way to cook and season a steak? We consulted experts from butchers to chefs to food scientists and got some answers on how to become a true meat master. Choosing the Steak The butcher’s case can be overwhelming. Choosing the right cut and tenderness will help determine the… Read more »