Jay Ball and Stevi Brockwell-Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping & Design, LLC.

Congratulations to July’s HARDSCAPE HERO winners Jay Ball and Stevi Brockwell of Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping & Design, LLC. Jay and Stevi are a team based out of Amelia, Virginia. Jay is the team’s designer, while Stevi acts as the project manager. We recently spoke with Stevi about their winning job and Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping &… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Austin Cutter, Cross Creek Nursery

Congratulations to June’s HARDSCAPE HERO, Austin Cutter of Cross Creek Nursery. Cutter is based out of Richmond, and he has 15 years of experience in the hardscape industry. Cross Creek Nursery is a full-service landscaping firm offering services in everything except tree removal and irrigation. The coolest part? Cross Creek Nursery runs a 28-acre nursery… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Jeff Gray, Outdoor Visions by Jeff Gray, LLC.

Congratulations to May’s HARDSCAPE HERO, Jeff Gray of Outdoor Visions by Jeff Gray, LLC. Based out of Newport News, he has 15 years in the hardscape industry. His company is best known for large, multi-feature patio designs. Gray runs a tight ship, with most of his crew having been with him for 10 or more… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Brian Gillespie, Ultimate Hardscapes

Congratulations to April’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Brian Gillespie of Ultimate Hardscapes. Based out of Newport News, Virginia, Ultimate Hardscapes recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. We caught up with Brian to talk about his winning project and how working with The Eagle Bay Design Studio is improving the way he does business. “I was one of… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Dean Johnson & John Guidon, James River Nurseries

Congratulations to March’s HARDSCAPE HERO winners, Dean Johnson and John Guidon of James River Nurseries. Dean has been in the hardscape industry for 17 years and John has been in the industry for 31 years. The team at James River Nurseries works together on most jobs and we recently spoke with Dean and John about… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Trey Watford, Williams Landscape & Design, Inc.

Congratulations to February’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Trey Watford of Williams Landscape & Design, Inc. Trey has four years of professional hardscape experience, and he has been interested in landscaping and landscape design since he was a child. “I’ve been into art and the outdoors ever since I was young. I loved doing art projects and… Read more »

Second Look Stories: Shane Vent

Shane Vent became a HARDSCAPE HERO in September of 2016. We recently caught up with him again to see how he was doing. “Having won the award gives me a sense of pride. It’s great knowing all of the people who saw my job and voted for me think it’s exceptional work,” Vent says. Every… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Matt Daly and Ellis Wiltshire, Rock Creek Innovations

Congratulations to January’s HARDSCAPE HERO winners, Matt Daly and Ellis Wiltshire of Rock Creek Innovations. Matt brings six years of experience to the Rock Creek Innovations team, and Ellis is a recent HARDSCAPE HERO, having won in July 2015. Matt worked closely with the clients to design the winning project, which includes a pool, an… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Mike Halliday, Bluehill Landscapes

Congratulations to December’s Hardscape Hero, Mike Halliday of Bluehill Landscapes. Mike is a previous Hardscape Hero, having won in January 2015. Mike brings 15 years of experience to hardscape projects in and around Charlottesville, VA. He loves wakeboarding and says “I take my kids and my friends any time I can and try to spend… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Josh Goff and Chris Johannsen, Commonwealth Curb Appeal

Congratulations to November’s Hardscape Heroes, Josh Goff and Chris Johannsen of Commonwealth Curb Appeal. The team are repeat winners, having won the competition in August. We spoke with Chris again about their latest winning project, a beautiful patio and fireplace installation. The last time we spoke, Chris told us how much the entire Commonwealth Curb… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year: Donald Sherbeyn, Sherbeyn’s Lawn & Landscape

Congratulations to Donald Sherbeyn of Sherbeyn’s Lawn and Landscape who was selected as the first Eagle Bay Hardscape Hero of the Year. The annual Hardscape Hero of the Year award is designed to showcase the work of a contractor who has exhibited truly exceptional work. Sherbeyn was chosen from 2016’s monthly Hardscape Hero winners and… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO of The Year Awards Dinner Recap

This year marked our first annual Hardscape Hero of the Year awards dinner. We invited Hardscape Hero winners from the last three years to join us in Richmond at the Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing for a night of dinner, drinks and recognition of hard work. A select panel of architects and other hardscape and landscape… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Dave Moore, Permanent Paving and Sealing

Congratulations to October’s Hardscape Hero and former winner, Dave Moore of Permanent Paving and Sealing. Dave brings decades of paving experience to his work and 12 years of paver specific experience. Along with his work as a contractor, Dave is also an artist, specializing in sculpture and woodcarving. On the job site, Dave often marries… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Shane Vent, Vent’s Landscaping

Congratulations to September’s Hardscape Hero, Shane Vent of Vent’s Landscaping. We recently spoke to Shane, who has 22 years of experience in hardscaping. Shane specializes in hardscapes but says that Vent’s Landscaping also has tons of expertise in excavation and green scaping. When possible, Shane prefers to design packages for his clients that can include… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Josh Goff & Chris Johannsen, Commonwealth Curb Appeal

Congratulations to August’s Hardscape Heroes, Josh Goff and Chris Johannsen of Commonwealth Curb Appeal­. We spoke with Chris, who told us Commonwealth Curb Appeal has 12 years of experience in hardscaping about patio design, grilling and what it’s like to do a custom patio for Richmond’s Homearama. Their winning project posed a unique challenge both in… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Rock Creek Innovations

Congratulations to July’s Hardscape Hero Ellis Wiltshire, owner of Rock Creek Innovations. Ellis has been in the industry for 11 years, and specializes in creating natural looking hardscapes and outdoor spaces. The winning project began with the challenge of tackling a large and complex space. The homeowner’s backyard, driveway, recreational area and deck were all… Read more »


Cory’s company is known for crafting an array of unique solutions for their clients, from hardscaping a creek, to building patios with ramps and crafting narrow walkways.

Common Problems That Patios Solve

Most homeowners think that patios are installed for leisure, and on a flat backyard. But after asking our Hardscape Heroes why their clients approached them, we found that many projects were about solving detrimental problems in the client’s yards.