Winter Ready: Quick Tips to Prep Your Patio for Seasonal Storms

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Winter’s the perfect time to enjoy the company of friends and family around a crackling fire on your patio. Whether you’re hosting an oyster roast or grilling out, prepping your outdoor living space for the elements will ensure its longevity and maximize your comfort.

Clean Sweep

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Using a leaf blower or broom to regularly remove debris and snow from your patio is the best way to keep your pavers in tip-top shape. Winter brings heavy precipitation, and a patio covered in frozen or matted leaves can cause staining. If your pavers are stained, you can easily remove the stains with Techniseal Organic Stain Remover.

Pack Up

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Storing your patio furniture will prevent damage both to the furniture and to your patio. Metal furniture can rust if left out during winter months. Aluminum and wood furniture can withstand winter weather, but should still be prepped. Aluminum furniture cushions need to be properly drained to keep moisture from building up and causing damage, and wooden furniture can be damaged by repeated freeze/thaw cycles. The best solution is to clean off and store your furniture under a tarp or in your shed.

No Snow

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Your paver patio is designed to withstand the elements, including snow. However, a patio covered in snow is a lot less inviting to hang out on than one that’s cleared off. Keeping your patio free of snow ensures more time spent outside in winter months. When removing snow, use a rubber-tipped shovel or a snow blower set to at least 1/8″ off the ground to avoid damaging your pavers’ surfaces.

Salt Free

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In some regions, you may not have a white Christmas, but a slushy and icy mess. Walking around on sheets of ice can be dangerous, but it’s easy to keep your patio clear and slip free. When using a de-icer on your patio, it’s important to use one that’s salt-free, such as Envirothaw. Salt-based de-icers will cause damage to your pavers and should be avoided.

Keeping your outdoor living space in great shape all year is as simple as taking some preventative measures and making sure you have the right tools for the job. If you’re ever unsure about how to handle a winter weather problem, contact your contractor, or give our customer service specialists a call at 800-321-9141.