Toasty Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Bay Fire Features

Eagle Bay fire features are durable, dynamic pieces, capable of elevating any patio both aesthetically and functionally. We spoke to some of our HARDSCAPE HERO winners and asked what they think homeowners should know when considering adding a fire feature to their project.

Understand Your Options

Knowing the options you have to select from is the first step to choosing a fire feature for your outdoor living space. We offer two primary categories, fire pits and fireplaces.

Eagle Bay Fire Pits

All fire pits come in several colors and are available with matching caps.

Eagle Bay Fireplaces

Our fireplaces are available in three hearth/width options and can be built with arches or flat fronts. Every fire pit can also work with man-made or sliced stone veneers.


We asked our HARDSCAPE HEROES what you should know about adding a fire pit to your patio design or existing outdoor living space. Here’s what they had to say:

Wayne Long, Albemarle Walls & Pavers

 “I think the biggest thing to think about is placement. The fire feature should be located in a versatile area that is aesthetically pleasing. We caution our clients not to place a fireplace, for example, directly in front of a beautiful view. With fire pits, we recommend keeping it a little farther from the house to avoid smoke and heat damage,” says Long.

Chris Johannsen, Commonwealth Curb Appeal

“We recommend considering different things based on the fire feature. For fireplaces, the first question is whether they would like gas or wood-burning. Wood is cost-effective and puts off more heat. Gas fireplaces are easy and very pretty but not as warm. When thinking about fire pits, the shape is the main consideration. How do you want to integrate the feature into the outdoor living space? Once a client has answered those questions, we start to work on the size of the firebox itself. Smaller fireboxes are warmer and pull smoke away, but larger fireboxes allow for beautiful, roaring fires,” explains Johannsen.

Chris Rowsey, Rowsey Brothers LLC

 “There are several things to think about. With fire pits, we try to place them in high traffic areas that have enough space to allow people to gather around them. However, with fireplaces, we often use them as structural focal points. They have a larger footprint and make great focal pieces to centralize the design of your outdoor living space,” Rowsey says.

When considering a fire feature for your outdoor living space, it’s best to consult with your installer. They’re pros at integrating various features into patios of any size. To see our full selection of patio features, order a free catalog or browse online.