The Eagle Bay Design Studio: VizTerra in 2017

Since we launched our Design Studio last April, we have created hundreds of VizTerra 3D renderings for our contractors. However, a lot has changed since then. Cole Lineberry, our Residential Designer, has spent countless hours learning the program and expanding Eagle Bay’s capabilities within the software. We’re excited to share this technology with our customers and to continue learning how we can further improve our Design Studio.

“VizTerra is a great technology for homeowners,” says Lineberry. “It helps them to visualize their outdoor living spaces and patio ideas they may have seen in magazines or on Pinterest.”

It’s an asset to our contractors as well. “It speeds up the entire process for contractors. They can get ideas from homeowners on what jobs should entail and mock it up. Then, they can send it to me, and I can put the entire thing into a 3D project and add things like grills, fire pits, furniture, water features, and basically anything else they want to really make the project look great and fit the customer’s needs.”

The result is comprehensive 3D designs and time saved for contractors. Homeowners are left with the abilities to fully visualize their outdoor living spaces and to make more educated decisions about what features they may want to include. “The coolest thing is being able to add accessories like fire pits,” Lineberry says. “A lot of homeowners don’t think features like that are possible for their projects, and then they see the mock up and it looks so real and so doable that they wind up adding them.”

As the Eagle Bay Design Studio grows, Lineberry emphasizes that he’s making it a point to always live up to Eagle Bay’s core values. “I go above and beyond on every design project. We want to show the homeowners how far they can take their designs. To do this, I use reference photos from job sites to make the VizTerra designs look as real as possible,” says Lineberry.

For example, a recent client sent reference photos that included a tree house near where the patio project would be. Lineberry took the time to redraw the tree house in VizTerra to round out the design. “Little touches like that really help the homeowners totally visualize the project, and it helps them become more comfortable with the overall patio concept. They don’t just see a digital rendering—they see their home.”

The future of the Design Studio at Eagle Bay is clear to Lineberry: “We want to bring this exceptional value to every homeowner and contractor. I want Eagle Bay to use VizTerra in every market we’re in. As it grows, we’ll expand our capabilities to meet the demands of the contractors. Right now, our turnaround time is around three days, which is really fast.”

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