Style & Comfort: The Philosophy of Good Design

Oriole Landscaping

The philosophy behind your décor is just as important as the design choices you make. Crafting a unique, comfortable outdoor space takes more than relying on the sum of its parts. Taking the time to think about the functions your patio serves can make the design process and, ultimately, the results even better. We did some research and found tips from leading designers to help you plan your patio project.

Make Yourself at Home

Outdoor Visions by Jeff Gray

Having the latest, greatest gadgets and patio furniture is awesome, but it’s all for naught if you never use it. The key to creating a great outdoor space is to be honest about your needs and habits. If you can’t imagine life without smoked meat, maybe you need a smoking station. More of a reader? Think about including a large pergola with comfortable chairs and a space for a drink underneath. Clearly defining what you want your patio to be will increase the likelihood that you will use it. Interior designer Timothy Corrigan says it best: “It’s comfort first, comfort last, comfort always.”

Use Greenery to Create Cover


Blue Hill Landscaping

Dwell’s guide to creating an outdoor oasis mandates greenery as part of any comfortable patio design. They suggest that patios incorporating more greenery can feel more spacious and inviting while offering guests reprieve from the sun in the summer or a beautiful view in the fall. Greenery can be used in layers to create a vertical effect, add fun elements, and warm up the entire vibe of the space.

Comfort Over Style

Commonwealth Curb Appeal

Famed interior design Bunny Williams knows a thing or two about making a space feel welcoming. In a recent article in Garden & Gun, she gave this advice on how to create a space that will wow guests: “Style doesn’t trump comfort.” She went on to explain her philosophy for design: “I want to create rooms to be used, not showcases to be admired. When people come over, they shouldn’t be intimidated by the house or the room or anything in it. Those who are interested may notice a good piece of furniture or a painting, but for people who are not interested, their feeling should be ‘This is a comfortable place to be.’”

Ready to design your space? Start by working with your contractor and have them use the Eagle Bay Design Studio to bring your vision to life with 3D designs. Use the Eagle Bay Design Studio to mock up your patio with furniture and even create visual representations of high-traffic areas to help you decide which features to include.