Spa Day: Tips to Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into a Personal Spa

When planning your patio project, it can be helpful to divide your installation into several spaces based on function. For example, you may place your outdoor kitchen closer to the house to make more room for the pool and kids’ play area. If you’re considering an outdoor spa, these helpful tips will turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis.

Relax in Seclusion

It’s not easy to relax if you feel like the neighbors are staring at you from their kitchen window. Consider installing a pergola with creeping vines, a shade sail, or a gazebo. Another option is to make use of screening plants like evergreen trees, hedges, or bamboo.

Furnish for Comfort

Stylish, comfortable patio furniture can work as accent pieces or central design features for your outdoor space. Consider adding a hammock-like the Coral Coast Freestanding Hammock or a lounge chair like the Alvah Chaise Lounge.

Block the Noise

An Eagle Bay Water Feature is the perfect way to create soothing white noise and block out stressful sounds around you. Consider pairing it with a durable outdoor speaker to play some relaxing songs.

Plan for Plumbing

As you discuss your project with your installer, ask about adding a jacuzzi to your pool or an outdoor shower next to the cabana. Outdoor showers are a great way to give yourself a quick refresh and cool off during hot summer months. Jacuzzi pools can give you a relaxing place to lounge while enjoying a tasty cocktail.

Prep for Peace

Photo: Havenside


As a final step, consider getting an outdoor storage box to keep additional spa supplies. Include herbal infusions, scents, fluffy towels, and whatever else helps you relax to make your spa complete. Having all your supplies in one place will make you more apt to use them and will make it easier to use them more regularly.


Planning makes perfect! Work with your contractor to create a spa space that’s right for you. If you need more inspiration, get started by ordering a FREE Eagle Bay Catalog.