Smart Patio: Top Outdoor Tech for the New Year

You’ve heard about smart homes, but how about a smart patio? These nifty gadgets will propel your outdoor living space into the future.

Santa Clara Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Photo: Manufacturer

It’s the latest addition to the outdoor speaker world. The Santa Clara Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the pinnacle of tech evolution. It’s stylish, weather resistant, pairs with partner speakers for surround sound or stereo options and works with any Bluetooth-compatible device, including phones, tablets, laptops and projectors. Plus, it has several LED light modes to brighten up your outdoor living space.

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Dyna Trap ¼ Acre Insect Trap

Photo: Manufacturer

Ditch citronella candles that burn out before your guests even arrive and upgrade to the best in pest control. The Dyna Trap ¼ Acre Insect Trapper will create a bug-free zone around your outdoor living space. It’s shaped to look like a lantern, making it a less obtrusive addition to your patio. Plus, it’s waterproof, rechargeable and is pesticide and odor-free.

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Photo: Manufacturer

Light pathways and borders or just brighten up your outdoor living space with the Belkin OSRAM LIGHTIFY. You can customize the colors of the waterproof bulbs and control power, light brightness and colors all from your phone.

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A well-designed outdoor living space can make your backyard as comfortable as your living room. Add all these awesome gadgets and you may find yourself running out of reasons to go back inside.

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