Project Feature: American Legion Post 247

HARDSCAPE HERO OF THE YEAR winner Donald Sherbeyn of Sherbeyn’s Lawn & Landscape recently completed a project at American Legion Post 247 that’s been garnering attention from the local community.

The American Legion enlisted Sherbeyn to improve the curb appeal of its newly built facility. The post has been at the same location since 1946, but it recently added a new structure.

“We wanted to create a space that was practical, that served as a beautiful memorial, and that would encourage the community to interact with it,” says Brian Scannon, commander for Post 247.

Sherbeyn divided the outdoor space into two separate gardens: the Honor Garden and the Memorial Garden. The Honor Garden consists of Eagle Bay pavers and board-formed concrete walls.

Sherbeyn and Scannon worked together to execute the planning phase of the garden. “We were impressed with Donald’s energy. He came to the project ready to work, and he did an amazing job,” Scannon states.

While those at the American Legion Post had a general idea of what they wanted, they left most the details up to Sherbeyn. “When I came to them to ask what they wanted, they replied, ‘Go dream,’ so I did, and it turned out really great. I talked through the idea with Brian and then mocked it up using VizTerra. I showed the rest of the board members, and they were all thrilled with the design,” says Sherbeyn.

At first glance, the project may look like a simple, flat patio, but it’s a complex webbing of inlays and carefully cut and placed pavers. “Designing the inlays took a lot of math. The hardest part was getting all the shapes to work concentrically. It’s comprised of an outer octagon, and the center of the garden has a hexagon, circle, and star all laid over one another to replicate the Medal of Honor, the highest recognition you can receive in the military,” explains Sherbeyn.

The board-formed concrete walls were designed to mimic the feel of a World War One bunker, something the post had specified it wanted.

“The garden has brought a ton of people to the location and really increased interest in our facility. People love exploring the grounds. What makes the area unique is that Donald took the time to research plants that would bloom in the colors of the American Legion. He dropped them off one day, and we worked with a local Boy Scout troop to complete the landscaping element of the project,” Scannon says.

The garden has become a bustling outdoor venue for the post, hosting wedding ceremonies and a reenlistment ceremony for one of the post’s members. It has also received attention on the state level. “The Department of Virginia Commander told me we have the best-looking post in Virginia, which really means a lot to us,” says Scannon.

The area is available for public use, and memorial plaques can be purchased in honor of people serving or who have lost their lives in service of their country. All proceeds benefit American Legion Post 247.