Project Addition: Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Patio

Many homeowners assume that patio installations and upgrades to their outdoor living space are best completed during the summer months. However, fall is also a great time to either install a patio or make upgrades to your existing space. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Spare your landscape – most landscaping is dormant during the colder months. This means that your landscaping will be naturally protected if your contractor is required to use heavy machinery or other equipment that could damage it during the summer months.

“Fall really is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor living space. There’s less of a chance damaging your yard and landscape during this time of year. Also, most companies slow down, so you won’t be on a long waiting list as opposed to warmer times of the year. You’ll be able to actually enjoy your patio next spring and not have a messy yard due to construction,” says Angela Rose, Owner of Virginia Beach Patios

2. Easier scheduling – Eagle Bay installers stay busy year-round, but summer is definitely their busiest season. Scheduling your patio upgrades for the fall will make it easier to get an appointment, as most contractors are out of their busiest time of year.

3. Build in summer, improve in fall – It’s pretty common to build outdoor living spaces in phases. This reduces the homeowner’s up-front cost and allows them to get a better idea of how they actually use the space. Adding improvements in the fall gives you time to learn how you use the space and make educated decisions.

4. Ready in the spring – Completing all of your patio’s upgrades in the fall also ensures that it will be ready for spring. If you love warm weather and relaxing in the sun, maximize your summer patio usage by finishing up construction during the colder months.


Patio installation and upgrades can be easily accomplished during the fall and early winter, as long as the temperatures aren’t dangerous and there is limited precipitation. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your fall additions. Use our Contractor Locator Tool to find installers near you and get quotes for your project.