Patio Function: Design Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

What sets the Eagle Bay Hardscapes contractor family apart is the ability to build spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Whether you’re starting to plan a project yourself or working with the Eagle Bay Design Studio, these design tips will give you some inspiration as you’re thinking about how to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Direct Traffic

One of the benefits of planning your project with the Eagle Bay Design Studio is the ability to predict traffic patterns. Our design team can optimize your patio’s design to account for areas of congestion. When you’re considering your design, think about integrating formal walkways, shrubs or different paver materials to establish corners and borders.

Have a Seat

Patios are all about relaxation, and providing a variety of seating options will make your space as comfortable as possible. Consider using integrated seating features like a retaining wall around a fire pit. Another option is to purchase modular patio furniture. Many sets offer convertible couches and other options that will let you quickly change the seating arrangement based on your needs.


Point of Focus

When planning your project, think about borrowing a design technique from interior design theory and creating a focal point in your outdoor living space. Well-designed rooms often base their layout around a single element, like a hearth or counter. As you plan your outdoor living space, consider using a fire or water feature as your central design element.

Use Your Tools

Whether you’re into grilling or swimming, having your spatula or pool float close at hand makes your whole outdoor experience more enjoyable. Installing hooks or creating a storage space within your patio makes it easy to keep things where they belong and cuts down on end of day cleanup.

Connect Your Spaces

According to Better Homes & Gardens, outdoor living spaces that are easily accessed from the indoors get significantly more usage. When designing your patio, take care to consider how you’re directing traffic from inside the house to your patio.

Designing an outdoor living space is easier than you think. The first step is making sure you’re utilizing all available resources. Use our Dealer Locator to find a dealer, order our free catalog to get inspired and ask your contractor about the Eagle Bay Design Studio to create 3D renderings of your patio design.