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BackYARRRRRd Meals: Seafood Recipes for Your Patio a Pirate Would Love

The weather’s warming up, and you’re probably starting to plan some cookouts with friends and family. Serving seafood at your next event is a great way rock everyone’s palette and give you a break from chicken and steak. Here are a few delicious, easy-to-make and delicious outdoor seafood recipes that’ll keep your crew happy. Scallop,… Read more »

Chris Johannsen, Commonwealth Curb Appeal

Becoming a HARDSCAPE HERO is an impressive feat. With hundreds of contractors from around the region submitting, being selected is an honor. Winning projects are selected because of their attention to detail, creativity, and ingenuity. This month, we are pleased to award Commonwealth Curb Appeal their fourth HARDSCAPE HERO award. Chris Johannsen wears many hats… Read more »

GroundWork: Choosing a Contractor

Choosing a contractor is one of the most important parts of planning your hardscape project. At Eagle Bay, our mission is to make your experience as simple as possible. Therefore, we created a GroundWork video designed to make choosing a contractor as easy and stress-free as possible. In this video, you’ll learn: What questions to… Read more »

Perfect Pavers: 2018’s Trends for Outdoor Living Spaces

Patio season is heating up, and you’re probably brainstorming the best way to design your patio. Of course, a paver patio is an ideal foundation for any outdoor living space, but choosing the right décor will take it to the next level. Check out 2018’s biggest patio trends below! So Hot Right Now Over the… Read more »

Merry Madness: Celebrate Your Bracket with A Regional Bloody Mary

Photo: Google Image Royalty Free Bloody Marys are commonly viewed as brunch drinks, reserved only for weekend mornings, but in recent years, they’ve become a statement piece for many bartenders. Popular at bars across the country, each recipe reflects the flavors of the region. “What makes Bloody Marys great is that everyone has their own… Read more »

2018 Eagle Bay Contractor/Dealer Day Recap

Last week, the team at Eagle Bay welcomed over 120 Contractors and Dealers from the Mid-Atlantic region, who were taking part in our Contractor and Dealer Day events. The two-day seminar included presentations from Aaron Phifer of Techniseal and Chris Ebbesen from Anchor Wall Systems along with new product announcements and a program from Greg… Read more »

Clinton Ferris, Ferris Landscaping

February’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Clinton Ferris of Ferris Landscaping, had his work cut out for him when an existing client asked him to do a complete renovation of their patio. Designing from a blank slate is one thing, but it can be tough to design around existing installations such as pools and old patios. “The… Read more »

GroundWork: Softscapes vs. Hardscapes

When you start planning your outdoor living space, understanding all the elements involved can make the decision-making process easier. Hardscapes and softscapes are the two main features in most landscape designs. They’re complete opposites, but they often work together to create an integrated design. Softscapes When used in conjunction with hardscape elements, softscapes can add… Read more »

Patio Trend: Edibles to the Front

Along with integrated seating and fire features, edible landscaping is one of the hottest trends in outdoor design. In fact, the National Gardening Association recently reported that one in three households were already growing food. Edibles are not only beautiful, they also double as a fresh, organic source of flavor and nutrients for your family…. Read more »

Gleeful Garden: DIY Backyard Games

Photo source: PXhere.com  Summertime is quickly approaching and your family is probably itching to get outside and have some fun. Adding games to your patio is a great way to keep your guests and kids entertained for hours. Get your outdoor living space into game mode with these easy-to-assemble backyard games. Checkmate Chill Out Photo… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Zach Brown, Denison Landscaping

Even a HARDSCAPE HERO project can start with nothing more than the luck of the draw. This month’s winning project, created by Zach Brown of Denison Landscaping, evolved from a chance meeting and the perfect sales pitch. “During the slower seasons, I’ll often drive around and try to connect with contractors and homeowners in person…. Read more »

Hardscapes for Easy Living Vol. 11

We’re proud to announce the release of Hardscapes for Easy Living Vol. 11! Our new catalog is packed with new information, including a feature on the 2017 HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR’s winning project and helpful product guides.   Download the 2018 catalog or order your free copy today.   The free catalog includes detailed… Read more »

Easy Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Attracting more birds to your patio is as simple as making a couple of small changes to your landscape plan. Use the tips below to create an aviary right in your backyard. Water Introducing a consistent fresh water supply is the best way to start attracting birds to your yard. Consider creating a watering hole… Read more »

Heat It Up- Tasty Warm Cocktail Recipes

Warmed cocktails are the perfect way to fight the dreadful winter chill. We sat down with seasoned bartender Sam Park and had him whip up three of his favorite warm cocktails. Learn how to make them yourself with these easy recipes. Lapsang Toddy This cocktail is Sam’s own creation and molds the smoky herbal flavors… Read more »

Taylor Adams, Dominion Pavers

The secret to creating the perfect patio is the willingness to collaborate. That was precisely the case with December’s HARDSCAPE Hero winner, Taylor Adams of Dominion Pavers. Their winning project was an ensemble of influence from his designer, Chris Rupp; the homeowner; an electrician; and his crew. The finished patio includes a refurbished pool deck,… Read more »

Oriole Landscaping

Style & Comfort: The Philosophy of Good Design

The philosophy behind your décor is just as important as the design choices you make. Crafting a unique, comfortable outdoor space takes more than relying on the sum of its parts. Taking the time to think about the functions your patio serves can make the design process and, ultimately, the results even better. We did… Read more »

Oriole Landscaping

New Year’s Resolution: 2018’s Paver Fitness Plan

One of the benefits of an interlocking paver system is the relatively low amount of maintenance required compared to other patio options. By developing a regular maintenance routine, you can extend the life of your pavers and reduce the effects of weathering and wear. These helpful tips will keep your patio ship-shape all year round,… Read more »


Deviously Delicious: 5 Great Deviled Egg Recipes

Devilled eggs are a tried and true party favorite; surprise your guests and pull out all the stops with these awesome deviled egg recipes. Pumpkin Devilled Eggs Pumpkin spice is a flavor profile that’s here to stay. Stay on trend with this simple and easy-to-make recipe from Delish. What you need: 12 large eggs 1/2… Read more »

Patrick McGrath, Virginia Beach Patios

Planning any patio project requires strong attention to detail and the ability to turn a customer’s vision into a reality. Planning a patio with integrated water features, gas lines, and changes in grade takes precision and patience. November’s HARDSCAPE HERO Patrick McGrath of Virginia Beach Patios was excited when faced with such a tough project… Read more »