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Easy Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Attracting more birds to your patio is as simple as making a couple of small changes to your landscape plan. Use the tips below to create an aviary right in your backyard. Water Introducing a consistent fresh water supply is the best way to start attracting birds to your yard. Consider creating a watering hole… Read more »

Heat It Up- Tasty Warm Cocktail Recipes

Warmed cocktails are the perfect way to fight the dreadful winter chill. We sat down with seasoned bartender Sam Park and had him whip up three of his favorite warm cocktails. Learn how to make them yourself with these easy recipes. Lapsang Toddy This cocktail is Sam’s own creation and molds the smoky herbal flavors… Read more »

Taylor Adams, Dominion Pavers

The secret to creating the perfect patio is the willingness to collaborate. That was precisely the case with December’s HARDSCAPE Hero winner, Taylor Adams of Dominion Pavers. Their winning project was an ensemble of influence from his designer, Chris Rupp; the homeowner; an electrician; and his crew. The finished patio includes a refurbished pool deck,… Read more »

Oriole Landscaping

Style & Comfort: The Philosophy of Good Design

The philosophy behind your décor is just as important as the design choices you make. Crafting a unique, comfortable outdoor space takes more than relying on the sum of its parts. Taking the time to think about the functions your patio serves can make the design process and, ultimately, the results even better. We did… Read more »

Oriole Landscaping

New Year’s Resolution: 2018’s Paver Fitness Plan

One of the benefits of an interlocking paver system is the relatively low amount of maintenance required compared to other patio options. By developing a regular maintenance routine, you can extend the life of your pavers and reduce the effects of weathering and wear. These helpful tips will keep your patio ship-shape all year round,… Read more »


Deviously Delicious: 5 Great Deviled Egg Recipes

Devilled eggs are a tried and true party favorite; surprise your guests and pull out all the stops with these awesome deviled egg recipes. Pumpkin Devilled Eggs Pumpkin spice is a flavor profile that’s here to stay. Stay on trend with this simple and easy-to-make recipe from Delish. What you need: 12 large eggs 1/2… Read more »

Patrick McGrath, Virginia Beach Patios

Planning any patio project requires strong attention to detail and the ability to turn a customer’s vision into a reality. Planning a patio with integrated water features, gas lines, and changes in grade takes precision and patience. November’s HARDSCAPE HERO Patrick McGrath of Virginia Beach Patios was excited when faced with such a tough project… Read more »

Fall Foods: How to Store Your Summer Harvest

You worked hard all Summer to make sure your herb and vegetable gardens were thriving. Now that the season’s over, you’ve probably got a ton of fresh produce and don’t want it to go bad. Canning vegetables and preserving herbs are old skills that used to be commonplace and may seem harder than they are,… Read more »

Live Big: Making the Most of Small Spaces

Not everyone is blessed with sprawling acres of trees, waterfront property and animals frolicking in the sunlight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your space to create a beautiful outdoor living area. Of course, a paver patio makes a great foundation, but where you go from there can make even a small space seem… Read more »

Poppin’ Bottles: Tasty Holiday Beers

The holidays are upon us! Maybe you’re looking for something tasty to sip next to the roaring fire, or something to pair with a holiday dinner. We rounded up some of the best holiday beers for you to try at your next festive get-together! Tröegs Mad Elf Mad Elf has become a renowned holiday favorite… Read more »

Project Report: Virginia Tech Students Complete Service Learning Project

Students in the Agricultural Technology program at Virginia Tech University recently completed a project using Eagle Bay pavers for one of their classes. Led by Senior Instructor Tom Martin, the class focuses on the principles of landscape architecture while benefiting an organization or homeowner in need. This project was completed at a private residence and… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year: Jeff Gray, Outdoor Visions by Jeff Gray

On a beautiful Fall day in Richmond, dozens of HARDSCAPE HEROES gathered from across the region to spend the day together celebrating and discovering who would be named HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year. In the afternoon, the Heroes competed in the Techniseal Clay Classic, which was followed by the annual HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year… Read more »

A Day with Champions; The HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year 2017 Recap

What started as a modest program to reward our hard-working, talented partners has quickly grown into a revered, industry-leading initiative. Last year, the first annual awards dinner featured a night at Quirk Hotel and a fantastic dinner at the Boathouse, where we celebrated the first-ever HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year, Donald Sherbeyn. This year’s HARDSCAPE… Read more »

Eric Ellington, Glen Allen Grounds Management, LLC

Sometimes the best way to complete a patio project is to help a long-time customer realize the value of an outdoor living space. October’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Eric Ellington of Glen Allen Grounds Management, LLC, did just that. Eric, who is the vice president of the company, has been in the hardscaping industry for a… Read more »

Keep Growing- The Science of DIY Greenhouses

The onset of cooler temperatures doesn’t have to mean the end of harvesting fresh vegetables from your backyard. DIY greenhouses can be built for less than $500 and will give you the space and means necessary to keep your garden going all year round.  The Principles Plants need five things to survive: light, warm temperatures,… Read more »

Introducing Ridge Rock II Retaining Wall

We’re excited to formally introduce Ridge Rock II to our product line – a retaining wall system designed with speed and stability in mind. The system utilizes the Flexible Wall Positioning System (FWPS) to make installation a breeze. Every Ridge Rock II unit has positioning wings on either side, which create additional shear resistance while… Read more »

Fall from Afar- Fall Recipes from Around the Globe

Fall’s here, and you’re probably sick of eating pumpkin spice everything. Expand your palette with these awesome Fall recipes from around the world. Apfelpfannkuchen You may not be able to say it, but you can eat it. Apfelpfannkuchen, German apple pancakes feature seasonal, caramelized fall apples and a delicious egg base. What You Need: For… Read more »

Jobsite Report: Techniseal® Color Boost Demo

Regularly cleaning and sealing pavers is crucial to extending their life and protecting them from stains and other corrosion. We recently visited a jobsite completed by HARDSCAPE HERO winners Jay Ball and Stevi Brockwell of Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping to see some of Techniseal’s products in action. We were joined by Aaron Phifer of Techniseal, who… Read more »

Petrifying Patios: Spooky Backyard Halloween Decorations

Halloween is nearly upon us! Transforming your backyard into a haven for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls is as easy as spending an afternoon crafting. Check out these eerily easy backyard decoration ideas and go from home sweet home to Nightmare on Elm Street in a couple of hours. Lawn Skeleton Everyone’s seen the funny tombstones… Read more »

Jesse Dunlap, DSD Landscaping

It’s not every day that you’re asked to complete an 8,000-square-foot job for a Major League Baseball player. September’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner Jesse Dunlap of DSD Landscaping, Inc. was asked to do exactly that, and he knocked it out of the park. “I love building relationships with clients,” says Dunlap. This project was no different…. Read more »