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Snack Madness: Slam Dunks from the Grill

The big tournament is in full swing! These creative recipes are perfect for flexing your grilling skills and keep your guests cheering. Invite over a group your team’s super fans and get grilling. Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip Grilled hot wings are a no-brainer for any party. They are quick, easy, and great for feeding… Read more »

Lonny Arter of Denison Landscaping

January’s winning HARDSCAPE HERO project is a testament to collaboration and the value of planning and creativity. What started as a simple backyard patio grew into a wraparound walkway and custom driveway, thanks in part to 3D renderings created with the Eagle Bay Design Studio. The story begins with two brothers building houses next to… Read more »

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Stew Crazy: Delicious Stews to Make in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Don’t let the winter chill keep you stewing inside all day. Preparing a tasty stew in your outdoor kitchen is as easy as making sure you have the right pot and ingredients on hand. Brunswick stew has long been regarded as a fall tradition, with roots dating back to the early 1800s. In the South,… Read more »

Style Watch: 2019’s Biggest Outdoor Living Trends

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes chirping birds, warming sunshine, and blooming flowers. Maximize your time outside by creating the outdoor living space of your dreams. We’ve gathered some of the hottest outdoor living trends of 2019 to help you get some inspiration for your patio design. Textured Walls Walls are… Read more »

Warm Up: Out of the Ordinary Warming Drinks

Gathering around a crackling fire pit on a cold winter night is a tradition as old as time, and nothing mixes better with the smell of woodsmoke than time with friends and a delicious warmed cocktail in the hand. Cinnamon Tequila Hot Toddy In a twist on the classic recipe, the smoky flavors of tequila… Read more »

Chris Rupp, Dominion Pavers

Managing the logistics of a well-planned outdoor living space can be an incredible feat. Most spaces require meticulous planning to accommodate various features and associated infrastructure. December’s HARDSCAPE HERO, Chris Rupp of Dominion Pavers, is a master planner, and his winning project shows how thoroughness can result in an incredible finished project. “I spend a… Read more »

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Winter Ready: Quick Tips to Prep Your Patio for Seasonal Storms

Winter’s the perfect time to enjoy the company of friends and family around a crackling fire on your patio. Whether you’re hosting an oyster roast or grilling out, prepping your outdoor living space for the elements will ensure its longevity and maximize your comfort. Clean Sweep Using a leaf blower or broom to regularly remove… Read more »

Patio Function: Design Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

What sets the Eagle Bay Hardscapes contractor family apart is the ability to build spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Whether you’re starting to plan a project yourself or working with the Eagle Bay Design Studio, these design tips will give you some inspiration as you’re thinking about how to create the outdoor… Read more »

Historic Monroe Park Renovation Features Eagle Bay Pavers

In the early fall of 2018, Richmond’s historic Monroe Park reopened after a 22-month renovation. As Richmond’s oldest public park, the space sees heavy pedestrian traffic, and the 8-acre greenspace now hosts thousands of new plants, a police substation, and sustainable, eco-friendly walkways, completed in part with Eagle Bay pavers. Leading into the beautiful new… Read more »

GroundWork: Paver Care and Maintenance

Caring for your patio, walkway, or driveway pavers is easy. A yearly cleaning and some preventative maintenance is all you need to keep your paver system looking good year-round. At Eagle Bay, our mission is to make your outdoor living experience as amazing as possible. Check out our latest GroundWork video, which teaches you the… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR: Wayne Long, Albemarle Walls and Pavers

On a beautiful fall night in Richmond, Virginia, Eagle Bay HARDSCAPE HEROES from across the region gathered to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family. This year’s ceremony featured a night at the historic Carpenter Theatre, where we celebrated 2018’s HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR, Wayne Long of Albemarle Walls & Pavers. The day began… Read more »

Trey Watford, River Pools & Spas

Becoming a HARDSCAPE HERO is all about conscientious design, talent, and a willingness to try something new. Trey Watford, November’s HARDSCAPE HERO, took such a chance by incorporating pavers and wall materials he’d never used before into his stunning project. “There were a lot of firsts for me on this project. We used Chatham Natural… Read more »

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Get Shuckin’: Winter Oyster Roasting Tips

Winter oyster roasts are an honored, delicious southern tradition. Oysters are in their peak seasons during the winter months, making it the best time to get fresh oysters to enjoy while standing around a roaring fire with friends and enjoying a cold beer. Here are some tips to make hosting your own oyster roast a… Read more »

Wireless Wonderland: The Best Outdoor Tech for Winter

One of the great things about having a patio is the ability to get the most out of your backyard year-round. Fire features and integrated lighting are great ways to extend your outdoor entertaining season, but making sure you have the best tech will encourage you to spend more time outdoors. These nifty devices will… Read more »

October HARDSCAPE HERO: Donald Sherbeyn, Sherbeyn’s Landscape

A great patio design can help you escape the stress of life. 2016 HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR Donald Sherbeyn’s most recent winning project is no different. Through thoughtful design, Sherbeyn incorporated all his client’s requests while helping them escape an overgrown backyard with a battered deck. “The homeowners knew exactly what they wanted. The… Read more »

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Festive Favorites: Southern Takes on Christmas Cocktails

Holiday cheer is best served cold. We gathered up some classic Southern cocktail recipes and gave them a festive twist for the holiday season. Try out one of these tasty recipes at your next party or around the firepit on a crisp night. Holiday Milk Punch Milk punch is a Southern staple originating from New… Read more »

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Hot Food for Cold Days: Pro Tips for Grilling in the Winter

Don’t let the change in the weather hold you back from enjoying tasty grilled treats! Eagle Bay Patios make it easy to extend your outdoor entertaining season all year long. Integrated lighting and a toasty fireplace can turn your outdoor living space into a cozy entertaining area any time of year. We gathered up some… Read more »

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Décor Tips: Artificial Outdoor Christmas Trees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Decorating your outdoor living space can seem like a big task, but using an artificial Christmas tree can make it much easier. Artificial Christmas trees act as great focal pieces for your décor, stand up to the elements, and make any space seem jolly and bright. Check… Read more »

Wayne Long, Albemarle Walls & Pavers

Creativity is key when it comes to creating the perfect patio. Wayne Long, president of Albemarle Walls & Pavers, demonstrated how pushing the boundaries of color, style, design, and function can lead to award-winning results. From installing a false wall to support a custom-built chimney to using three different colors of the same Eagle Bay… Read more »

5 Delicious Smoked Drinks That You Can Make at Home

Adding a smoky infusion to your cocktail is an easy way to impress your guests with your bartending skills and tantalize taste buds. Smoked cocktails acquire the flavor of whatever they’re smoked with and can be prepared using woods like hickory, maple and applewood or with your favorite cigar or tea leaves. Ready to smoke?… Read more »