Muck Management: Your Outdoor Mudroom

Fall brings us beautiful leaves, fire pit sessions and delicious seasonal drinks. It also brings rain, mud and muck. If you’re spending time outside wandering the pumpkin patch, apple picking or just enjoying the crisp fall air, you may be struggling with ways to help keep the outdoors, well, outdoors.

Creating a transitional space like a mudroom doesn’t have to mean putting an addition on your house. Instead, consider using part of your patio as a mudroom.

We’ve broken down the three essential features you’ll need to easily and cheaply create an awesome outdoor mudroom.


Understanding how you’ll use this space is the first step to creating an area that will work. For some, it may be rinsing off a muddy mountain bike, for others scraping off boots after a long hike or hunt. Defining your needs will help define the space.

For an outdoor mudroom, you need to think about durability and functionality above all else. There’s no need for pristine linens or fancy storage shelves; instead, use darker toned materials and buy furniture that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Modular Elements

The best thing about an outdoor mudroom is that all of the furniture and storage elements can be modular. If you’re incorporating your mudroom into an existing patio, look for storage solutions that can be easily moved to accommodate the season, usage and guests.

Think about installing some hooks for bikes, tents or other outdoor gear. Next, create a storage area using plastic tubs or wood crates. It’s easy to maximize space by using a vertical shelving unit, which allows you to neatly store your gear while also making the most of the area. Lastly, consider some decorative touches to keep the area friendly—use greenery or other elements, like a decorative boot scraper.


Because mudrooms tend to be high-traffic, functional spaces, you want to make sure that the area is ready to stand up to the wear and tear. Buying durable outdoor furniture and shelving is crucial, but also make sure that other elements like an outdoor rug are rated for heavy usage.

Eagle Bay pavers are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the elements and heavy traffic. However, if you want to go one step further and protect your pavers even more, we recommend applying cleaning and sealing products, like those offered by Techniseal. Cleaning and sealing your pavers yearly will help to keep the entire system in tip-top shape. Plus, sealing your pavers improves colorfastness and makes them even easier to rinse off during the occasional cleaning.

 Creating your own mudroom can be accomplished in as little as a weekend. Having a mudroom is a great way to further diversify the utility of your outdoor living space and keep your house tidy.