Introducing Ridge Rock II Retaining Wall

We’re excited to formally introduce Ridge Rock II to our product line – a retaining wall system designed with speed and stability in mind. The system utilizes the Flexible Wall Positioning System (FWPS) to make installation a breeze.

Every Ridge Rock II unit has positioning wings on either side, which create additional shear resistance while allowing flexibility in block position. This allows for curved walls to be easily installed while creating enough strength to build walls over 30 feet. Ridge Rock II also features an open core design, allowing for superior internal drainage.

Ridge Rock II was recently used by Kyle Brown of Brown Landscape to complete a massive retaining wall. “The project was interesting because there was an existing cut limestone wall, that we had to remove first,” says Brown.

As they were removing the limestone, they also had to contend with a staircase. “We decided to leave in the existing staircase. That’s where the Ridge Rock stones became instrumental. They’re so flexible, we were able to match the wall perfectly to the staircase,” he explains.

Even the Brown Landscape crew was surprised at how quickly the project came together. “We were able to keep our bond lines crisper. It installed so quickly…” he says.

Brown says that the homeowners were ecstatic when they saw the finished product. “The consistent split and edges created a beautiful end result and the homeowners noticed,” Brown explains.

Learn more about Ridge Rock here, or find it in the 2018 Eagle Bay Catalog.