How to Create an Outdoor Room

Adding an outdoor room to your house is a great way to increase both its value and your living space. Creating an outdoor room can be as simple as installing a patio and decorating it thematically to create a distinct vibe. We’ve gathered some tips to help make designing your outdoor room a breeze.

Have a Purpose

According to HGTV, the most important thing to do when planning an outdoor room is to determine its usage. Establishing how it will be used will help you decide on the amenities you need to install and help you design your “floorplan.” Are you building a game room? An outdoor dining room? Knowing what you want can help you determine if you should build one room or divide it into smaller spaces, and identify your lighting and furniture needs.

Consider the Seasons

A well designed outdoor room can be used year round. However, if you decorate with only seasonal green plants and flowers, you may find things looking a bit drab come winter. Landscaping experts suggest using evergreens, rock gardens, and other perennial landscape features to keep things colorful and lively all year. Mix and match different elements in your design to keep things fresh for each season.

Lose the Rug

It’s common to see outdoor rooms based around large rugs. While this is a great look, why not take it a step further? HARDSCAPE HERO winners Stevi Brock and Jay Ball did just that with their winning project. Rather than throwing a rug down on top of beautiful pavers, they used a darker colored stone to create an inlay that mimics the look of a rug. This awesome idea provides durability and beauty while still creating a comfortable, roomy feel.

Light it Up

Lighting an outdoor room can take your design to the next level. This room by Commonwealth Curb Appeal is the perfect example. Think about using carriage lights or lanterns around the borders of your outdoor room to define the space. Wall mounted task lights are great for cooking or preparing food next to a grill. Some designers are even using chandeliers as both conversation pieces and decorative lighting fixtures. They put out a lot of light and add a “wow” factor to your room.

Warm it Up

Fire features are the perfect addition to an outdoor living space, adding both heat and light to make it even cozier. Fire features also act as great anchors for your decoration and furnishings because of their size. Think of it like the mantelpiece inside a home, and work outward from the centralized fire feature to create a comprehensive and beautiful design.

Every outdoor room starts with a great foundation. Order a free Eagle Bay catalog to start planning yours today.