Hot Food for Cold Days: Pro Tips for Grilling in the Winter

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Don’t let the change in the weather hold you back from enjoying tasty grilled treats! Eagle Bay Patios make it easy to extend your outdoor entertaining season all year long. Integrated lighting and a toasty fireplace can turn your outdoor living space into a cozy entertaining area any time of year. We gathered up some of the best tips to keep you grilling all year round.

Fuel Up

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Cold weather is going to lengthen your cook times. Make sure that you have enough fuel to compensate for the extra time your grill will need to run. In general, you’ll need 1.5 times as much fuel to cook through whatever it is you’re grilling.

You may be tempted to check your foods more often, but bear in mind that every time you open the grill’s lid, you’re letting valuable heat escape. Practice patience, and give your foods the time they need to cook; it’ll help them finish a little more quickly and keep the heat inside the grill.

Location, Location, Location

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If you can, think about repositioning your grill to minimize the number of steps from door to grill. Considering the direction of the wind can also help shield you from spending more time in the cold than necessary. As you’re positioning your grill, however, remember that safety is paramount—it should not be placed near or under low hanging, flammable surfaces.

Protect Your Hands

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Regular winter gloves are not resistant to flame or high heat. Don’t risk a burn. Make sure to wear heat-resistant gloves when grilling in the winter.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Light It Up

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It gets darker earlier during the winter. Having an integrated lighting feature on your patio, or another source of light will help you grill successfully during the winter months.

Taking a few extra steps makes it easy to keep grilling all year round, and it’s worth it because grilled foods taste just as delicious in winter. Give yourself a taste of summer, and fire up the grill!