Historic Monroe Park Renovation Features Eagle Bay Pavers

In the early fall of 2018, Richmond’s historic Monroe Park reopened after a 22-month renovation. As Richmond’s oldest public park, the space sees heavy pedestrian traffic, and the 8-acre greenspace now hosts thousands of new plants, a police substation, and sustainable, eco-friendly walkways, completed in part with Eagle Bay pavers.

Leading into the beautiful new park are several pathways beginning with EcoBay and EcoBay II pavers, leading to an eco-friendly gravel material in the center of the park. The central pavilion and the area around the restored water fountain are paved with the same permeable pavers.

Melvin Nash of Bract Retaining Walls and Excavating LLC was the project manager on the job. “The chamfered look of the pavers matched the surrounding environment. We felt that they were the best way to help the park fit in with the city’s existing architecture,” said Nash.

A primary focus of the park was its eco-friendly design. “The gravel is made from an organic material that binds together when it rains. This makes it easier to walk on while still maintaining permeability. Combined with the pavers, the park is able to clear stormwater easily,” he said.

Although the installation of the pavers themselves was simple, getting materials and equipment in and out of the site proved difficult. Monroe Park is centrally located in Virginia Commonwealth University’s largest campus, and the high-traffic area forced Nash and his team to get creative when installing the pavers.

“We had to work in close cooperation with the other contractors and continually monitor the traffic in the area to make the installation happen within the requested timelines,” said Nash.

As the city ebbed and flowed around the changing park, the crew worked diligently to lay the new permeable pavers and restore the water fountain, which dates back to 1906.

The park was also beautified with 132 new trees and LED lighting throughout the pathways.

“We’re honored and excited to see Eagle Bay products used in such a historic renovation. As a local business, it gives us great pride to have our products woven into the fabric of the capitol of Virginia,” said Greg Kirkman, director of sales.

The park was completed with the help of Shade & Wise, an Eagle Bay distributor, and Southwood Builders. We’re proud to have been a part of such a historic renovation and are excited to see Eagle Bay pavers showcased in the center of the city and VCU’s bustling campus.