Headspace: How to Create Your Own Outdoor Yoga Studio

Photo: Pexels

Practicing physical distancing doesn’t mean giving up everything you love. While you probably aren’t able to attend a yoga class, you can still take time for yourself at home. It’s easy to transform part of your outdoor kitchen or living room into a tranquil personal yoga studio.

Pick a Place

Start by choosing a flat area roughly 12’x12’ in size. Try to include some kind of covering like a pergola, outdoor umbrella or awning, if possible. Make sure that the area is open, although it doesn’t need to be completely bare. Think about where you feel most relaxed on your patio. Is it next to the woods or by your rippling water feature? That may be the perfect spot for your home studio.

Get the Gear

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You’ll need everything you use inside for yoga for outdoor practice as well. It’s not a bad idea to get a slightly thicker mat to give yourself a little extra cushion. Other yoga tools may include yoga blocks, a yoga strap, a bolster and a blanket. Consider having a dedicated outdoor set that you can store in a decorative outdoor storage tub like you’d use for pool toys. That way, you’re not having to drag all of your yoga gear in and out of the house depending on where you want to practice.

Consider the Laptop

If you’re like most yoga practitioners, chances are you’re using an online resource or class to follow along with. When considering where you practice, you may need to meditate on the best place to put your laptop as well. An integrated bench or freestanding wall are both good options. It’s best not to have your laptop directly on the ground, as that will cause you to be hunched over staring at it. Pair it with an outdoor speaker or headphones to make sure that you can hear everything your instructor is saying as you hold your poses.

Bother the Bugs

Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

The last thing you want is a bunch of annoying bugs flying around while you’re trying to get your Zen on. Surround your space with bug-deterring plants like lavender, a digital mosquito repellant or a good old-fashioned citronella candle.


You may feel like lighting incense or candles to enhance your relaxation, which is perfect. Just make sure you don’t choose scents that are likely to attract more buzzing pests.


Your yoga studio should be your own. Creating a space that makes you feel relaxed will help you improve your practice and want to use the space more often. As beautiful spring days become more and more plentiful, now is the perfect time to take your yoga outdoors and seek your center.