Eagle’s Rise: Scouting Community Service Project Completed with Eagle Bay Pavers

Photo provided by Drake Hanneuskela

Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is no easy task, and only 4% of Boy Scouts ever receive the prestigious honor. To be awarded the rank, a scout must complete a series of interviews and execute a community service project. Drake Hannuksela recently completed his project at Camp Kehukee with the help of Mike Heaton of Heaton’s Lawn and Landscape and Eagle Bay Pavers.

“My original idea for the project was a garden at my church. After I talked to the deacons, however, they recommended we do something with the Petersburg Baptist Association at Camp Kehukee, which provides a communal area for the region’s 46 churches,” says Hannuksela.

Photo provided by Drake Hannuksela

“We identified the need for a centralized place for people to be able to commune or spend time by themselves, and a prayer garden made sense. I presented the plans to the administration at the camp, and they approved them, ”Hannuksela excitedly explains.

After the presentation, he contacted Mike Heaton. “Mike was such a huge help. He helped me plan the project and estimate how much stone we would need. He even came out a couple of times to show my troop how to lay the pavers and build the walls. I really can’t say enough about how much he helped us, ”Hannuksela says.

Photo provided by Drake Hannuksela

Heaton also connected Hannuksela with Robert Strotmeyer, a sales specialist at Eagle Bay Hardscapes.

Photo provided by Drake Hannuksela 

“They came to me wanting to pour a concrete platform, but it was clear it needed to be pavers. So I designed the project with them and connected them with Robert,” says Heaton.

“Drake contacted me to see about purchasing the pavers necessary for the project with money they’d raised by selling engraved bricks. It was such a great cause, so we decided to donate the pavers for the project,” says Strotmeyer.

Photo provided by Drake Hannuksela

“Getting the paver donation from Eagle Bay was incredibly helpful. It freed up our donation money and allowed us to install solar-powered lighting in the walkway and install two custom-made granite benches,” saysHannuksela.

Hanneuskela’s team was able to expand the size and scope of the project and add more features thanks to the donations they received.

“I’m glad I was able to help them see their vision through. With the donations from Eagle Bay and the people who purchased engraved stones, they raised enough money to take the walkway all the way to the church. Plus, it was fun teaching the scouts how to use a level and lay pavers and freestanding wall,” says Heaton.

Photo provided by Drake Hannuksela

The project was completed early in the summer, and the troop plans to help complete the walkway leading to the church during the fall.

“So many people have given so much to make my Eagle project possible. To Mike Heaton, Eagle Bay Hardscapes, and everyone else, I must say ‘thank you’
for your commitment to this prayer garden,” says Hannuksela.

At Eagle Bay Hardscapes, we make it our mission to become active members of our community and do whatever we can to help. Congratulations to Drake and thanks to Mike Heaton for his help!