Design Review: 2020’s Upcoming Design Trends

The new year is almost here and with it comes the shifting terrain of new design trends and styles. If you’re in the process of planning an outdoor living space or want to add some new flair to your existing patio, these trends will keep you at the forefront of fashionable outdoor design.

Mix It Up

Our contractors work to make the most beautiful patios possible. This can sometimes include combining natural materials into seating areas, inlays or other features. It’s an outdoor design trend that is growing in popularity. When planning your patio, consider adding in natural stone or other elements native to your area to create a completely custom and on-trend space.

Have a Drink

Outdoor kitchens have been a cornerstone of patio installations for a few years, but outdoor bars are rising in popularity. With many options including integrated taps, lighting and refrigeration, you can create an amazing outdoor bar without occupying a lot of space.

Planter Walls

Planter walls offer extra space for growing herbs or veggies while also capitalizing on existing freestanding or retaining walls. They also make your landscape more beautiful by adding pops of color and texture. As a result, they’re becoming a popular addition to many outdoor spaces.


With so many choices of color and style, it can be tough to determine what you want for your patio. Luckily, our installers make planning your outdoor living space easy and they can even use the Eagle Bay Design Studio to create a full 3D rendering before installation. To get started, find an installer near you.