Common Problems That Patios Solve

Most homeowners think that patios are installed for leisure, and on a flat backyard. But after asking our Hardscape Heroes why their clients approached them, we found that many projects were about solving detrimental problems in the client’s yards.

Mud Removal

When Hardscape Hero Donald Sherbeyn inspected his client’s backyard for the first time, he immediately stepped onto a muddy slope. The first thing he recommended was replacing the mud slope with steps, when the homeowners asked about putting in a patio, wall and fire pit.

DonaldSherbeyn__Sherbeyn'sLawnAndLandscape_Image2 (1)

DonaldSherbeyn__Sherbeyn'sLawnAndLandscape_Image1 (2)

The project turned into a full-scale makeover. Donald’s team removed the muddy soil, installed Dublin Freestanding walls to prevent drainage and transformed the entire feel of the backyard with a backyard kitchen. He also added a Dublin Fire Pit Kit and completed the project with outdoor lighting around the perimeter of the patio.

Restructuring a Hill

Hardscape Hero Chris Veronie’s winning project began when the homeowner was having difficulty sodding his backyard hill. “The homeowner felt like he’d slip and fall down his hill, so he hired me to restructure the area and expand the living space of his backyard.”

Block 8

The team began by grading the hill and creating a strong base. Next, they installed Highland 6” and Highland Freestanding for the walls, and Kingsland Traditional pavers in Blue Ridge. Chris is happy to say that his team replaced the unusable backyard hill with an extra 700 square feet of a enjoyable, timeless patio.

Excessive Runoff and Erosion

Runoff and erosion is never a pretty sight. With the homeowner hosting a high school reunion, he wanted to get rid the erosion and create a beautiful, welcoming environment. Hardscape Hero Brian Gillespie’s project began with reconstructing the original grade using a segmental retaining wall. After the grade was finished, the Ultimate Hardscapes team worked on the best viewpoint for the creek and centered the fire pit to spotlight the view.

The homeowner was ecstatic to see the transformation of his backyard. When an eyesore and unusable space suddenly becomes an enjoyable patio with a gorgeous view, the client is always excited by the renewed purpose of the space.

Putting in a patio can solve real problems, all while giving you lasting value of your home. If you’re interested in putting in a patio, contact us for our recommended list of contractors.

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