Brighten Up: Functional & Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will transform your entire patio space. It can add depth to your yard and accentuate certain features, and it’s essential for safety around stairs or pools. We rounded up some of the best new lighting options for 2020 and talked to some of our HARDSCAPE HEROES to help you make an educated decision when planning your patio.


One major consideration when choosing outdoor lighting is whether or not you want to use a solar-powered option. Solar lighting can be used in most applications, but wired lights offer higher brightness and more reliable output.


“There’s a lot to consider with the new tech that’s available. We always recommend LED lighting, as it saves energy and doesn’t require replacement bulbs. It tends to provide more even lighting as well, with fewer hot spots,” says Scott Prunty of Solid Structures.


Choosing integrated patio lighting is best done with the help of your installer. They’ll know what structural specifications need to be met. However, when planning your outdoor living space, you should also take accent and landscape lighting into consideration.


“We often use landscape lighting to add depth to a yard. You can tier the lighting to illuminate dark patches and create an even ambiance that makes the entire outdoor living space seem more usable,” explains Prunty.

URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Landscape Light

Photo: Manufacturer

This light is a durable, solar-powered option perfect for illuminating walkways, borders and boundaries. The panel can be angled for optimum sun exposure, and the 50-lumen bulbs can be adjusted to illuminate specific areas. The lights will run for 6 to 9 hours when fully charged and have auto-on and auto-off features.


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Photo: Manufacturer

These deck lights come in a fully sealed-in casing to make them waterproof and resistant to impact. They create warm spots of light without being blinding, making them the perfect way to liven up a dull deck or illuminate a set of stairs. The lights can be controlled by Bluetooth, your outdoor living space’s electrical system, a timer or just a switch.


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Photo: Manufacturer

Baxia Technology security lights are motion activated and weather resistant. They’re best used to illuminate high-traffic areas or entryways. The sensors will detect motion up to ten feet away, and the lights are solar-powered. While not suitable for a relaxing patio setting, security lights should definitely be considered when creating your overall light plan.


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Other Considerations


Before planning your outdoor lighting system, you should ask yourself a few questions, according to 2018 HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR Wayne Long of Albemarle Walls and Pavers.


“It sounds obvious, but it’s important to consider what it is you want to see. We recommend lighting around pools, stairs and step-offs first. Anywhere there’s a drop, it helps to make your whole patio safer. After that, we start considering accent points, highlighting a fire feature or water feature, for example. Lastly, we consider placement. You want your space to be illuminated without blinding people,” says Long.


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