Backyard Refresh: Your Guide to Outdoor Showers

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Outdoor showers are something you didn’t know you needed until you experience one for the first time. Whether you’re rinsing off after spending a long day in the garden or the pool or you’re just hosing down the kids, they’re a convenient addition to any well-designed outdoor living space. The best part? They come in all shapes and sizes, from pre-built units to do-it-yourself projects.

Oceanside Freestanding Shower


Photo: Wayfair

This freestanding shower from Wayfair is an easy addition to any outdoor living space. It’s made from a sturdy vinyl that won’t splinter, rust, or crack. All you need to do is set up the plumbing, and you’re good to go!

Willow Cambridge Casual Freestanding Outdoor Shower

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Like the Oceanside shower, this freestanding model comes ready to use out of the box. Hook it up to a hose and position it in an area that encourages drainage. The included wood platform keeps your feet clean and helps prevent water build-up.

Build Your Own

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Itching for a weekend project? This build-your-own tutorial from provides a step-by-step breakdown for making your own outdoor shower with nothing but hand tools, lumber, and a low-flow showerhead from a hardware store.

Outdoor Shower Tips

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Here are a few tips to help make your shower installation even easier:

  • Select a firm, level surface that can withstand water and foot traffic.
  • Consider usage. Are you rinsing off after a muddy mountain-bike ride or a dip in the pool? Place the shower based on your intended use for maximum convenience.
  • Do you need privacy? Consider building an enclosure or using a shower curtain if you want something a little more secluded.
  • Sunny areas are best. This not only keeps the water warmer but also prevents mold and rot.

Since outdoor showers come in dozens of shapes and sizes, they can be customized to fit almost any space. As you’re planning your outdoor space, keep these tips in mind, and consult your contractor if you’re still designing your patio.