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HARDSCAPE HERO: Patrick McGrath Virginia Beach Patios

It’s rare to be met with a “job well done” before starting a project. But that’s exactly what happened for Virginia Beach Patios’ Patrick McGrath on his most recent winning project– his third career HARDSCAPE HERO victory.   “We’ve been putting a lot of effort into our social media presence since about 2018, and it’s… Read more »

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Rum Ready: Refreshing Rum Cocktails

Rum isn’t just for pirates anymore! The flavorful spirit has experienced a revival in recent years, with craft bartenders bringing it back into fashion. Rum cocktails are perfect for sultry summer nights on the patio and these refreshing recipes are just what you need to start mixing at home. Scorpion Bowl Bring tiki tastiness to… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO; Eric Ellington, Glen Allen Grounds

Faced with the challenge of changing grades and embedded anchor points, Eric Ellington of Glen Allen Grounds used his expert design skills to create a beautiful outdoor living space. This project is the 2019 HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR’s first HARDSCAPE HERO win of 2020.   “We started the project after a business partner introduced… Read more »

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Flavorful Fourth: Delicious Seafood Recipes for Independence Day

Your Independence Day barbecue may look a little different this year, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still cook up some delicious food for your family to enjoy. We’ve got great recipes for hamburgers and hotdogs on our blog – but, this year, try shaking things up with some tantalizing grilled seafood recipes. Seafood… Read more »

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Headspace: How to Create Your Own Outdoor Yoga Studio

Practicing physical distancing doesn’t mean giving up everything you love. While you probably aren’t able to attend a yoga class, you can still take time for yourself at home. It’s easy to transform part of your outdoor kitchen or living room into a tranquil personal yoga studio. Pick a Place Start by choosing a flat… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Scott Prunty of Solid Structures

April’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Scott Prunty of Solid Structures, shows that perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to completing complex projects. This is his second winning project and one that took almost a year and a half to complete due to zoning regulations.   “The project was interesting for a few… Read more »

Hands On: How to Make DIY Bird Feeders

As we embrace the challenges of physical distancing in a COVID-19 world, having a beautiful backyard to spend time in has become even more important. Attracting wildlife to your outdoor living space can help bolster your mood, improve your local ecosystem and bring an energizing and exciting element to your backyard. Who doesn’t love waking… Read more »

Brighten Up: Functional & Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will transform your entire patio space. It can add depth to your yard and accentuate certain features, and it’s essential for safety around stairs or pools. We rounded up some of the best new lighting options for 2020 and talked to some of our HARDSCAPE HEROES to help you make an educated decision… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Kenny Oriole, Oriole Landscaping LLC

It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and in many cases, you can’t judge an outdoor living space by its surface. March’s HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Kenny Oriole of Oriole Landscaping, LLC, installed a beautiful outdoor living space after completely reshaping the homeowner’s backyard to accommodate the installation. “The space was essentially… Read more »

Plan Ahead: Your Spring Landscaping To-Do List

Take your spring cleaning one step further and follow these tips to spruce up your outdoor living space to be sure you’re summer-ready. Start with a Clean Sweep Give your managed gardens, walkways and children’s play areas a solid once-over with a rake and some trimmers. Clearing out dead plants, sticks and rubbish opens up… Read more »

Stop the Sneeze: Gardening Tips for Allergy Sufferers

These gardening tips and plants will not only beautify your landscape; they’ll keep your allergies to a minimum, letting you spend more time outside and less time sniffling and sneezing. Tips for Gardening with Allergies Use oyster shells, gravel or plants as ground cover, instead of mulch. Mulch can retain moisture, encouraging mold growth. Cut… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Ellis Wiltshire; Rock Creek Innovations

Three-time HARDSCAPE HERO winner Ellis Wiltshire of Rock Creek Innovations is no stranger to challenging projects. He is a master at enhancing landscapes, turning them into functional outdoor living spaces. With his most recent winning project, located near Lake Anna, Virginia, Wiltshire took a nearly unusable yard and transformed it into a relaxing and functional… Read more »

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Hot Iron: Easy Cast-Iron Recipes for the Grill

Add the flavor and style of cast iron to your next grill session. Cast-iron pans and skillets take longer to heat up, but they are better at retaining thermal energy and thus cook foods more evenly once they’re at temperature. These recipes bring the skillet to the grill, letting you layer deep and rich flavors… Read more »

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Bloomin’ Bulbs: The Best Bulbs To Plant For Spring Blooms

Kick off your spring with a bloom! These beautiful bulbs are hardy enough to endure the winter and even some early spring snows while bringing an immediate pop of color to your yard in early spring. Use them to create a dazzling border along a walkway or for intermittent patches of color throughout your outdoor… Read more »

Spa Day: Tips to Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into a Personal Spa

When planning your patio project, it can be helpful to divide your installation into several spaces based on function. For example, you may place your outdoor kitchen closer to the house to make more room for the pool and kids’ play area. If you’re considering an outdoor spa, these helpful tips will turn your backyard… Read more »

HARDSCAPE HERO: Lonny Arter, Denison Landscaping

Congratulations to the first HARDSCAPE HERO of 2020, Lonny Arter of Denison Landscaping! While HARDSCAPE HERO winning projects come in all shapes and sizes, it takes a unique and admirable level of skill, technical proficiency and project management to execute one of this size. “We’ve completed commercial projects that were obviously much larger than this… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Eagle Bay Contractor & Dealer Days

The 2020 Eagle Bay Contractor and Dealer Days will be taking place in February! One of our goals at Eagle Bay is to support our installers and dealers whenever possible. Our Contractor and Dealer Day events are designed to showcase new materials, new contractor resources and informational talks, like “Overcoming the Obstacles of Job Costing.”… Read more »

Livin’ on the Edge: Paver Edging Options

Planning the perfect outdoor living space involves making lots of choices. While the border of your paver patio may seem like a small detail, there are several options to consider, each with its own pros and cons. When planning your patio, consult with your Eagle Bay installer and this guide to choose the right edge… Read more »

Chatham Modern: An In-Depth Look at One of Our Newest Pavers

We recently released a new paver set, Chatham Modern, after hearing requests from contractors and homeowners for a modern styled paver. This stylish paver comes in two colors, Cheswick and Sandbridge, and it is available anywhere Eagle Bay products are sold. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn more about Chatham Modern. Chatham Modern… Read more »