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Our Stormwater Solutions were developed to provide a Green Infrastructure and play a role in restoring the vital eco-system. Four different Eagle Bay Permeable Pavers allow for a multi-functioning site specific stormwater plan. Our permeable pavers offer robust engineered functions for both quantity and quality regulatory requirements, plus a fully functioning wear surface. These systems can be used in any area an impervious surface area is anticipated.

  • Run-off Reduction
  • Volume Treatment
  • Channel Protection (Cpv)
  • Recharge Volume (Rev)
  • Water Quality Volume (WQe)
  • Pre-Treatment
  • First Flush Capture

our comprehensive stormwater process

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Municipal Parking Lot
(Ashland, VA)

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Amtrak Parking Lot
(Fayetteville, NC)


Doonbeg Subdivision
(Winchester, VA)

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To learn more about our stormwater system contact:

Bob Bridges, Director of SWM PAVE Sales

Our team is always eager to explain the SWM PAVE process and how we can help with construction details, project design, obtaining regulatory approvals and more.

Our SWM Paver - Aqua-bric® Type 4 "L"

Our paver of choice is the Aqua-Bric® type 4 "L" which allows for a multi-functioning site specific stormwater plan. It offers robustly engineered functions to suit both quantity and quality regulatory requirements, plus a fully functioning wear surface.

The Aqua-Bric® type 4 "L" can be installed either by hand or mechanically. Mechanical installation can decrease time and cost by allowing multiple pavers to be placed simultaneously. Doing so decreases construction time and minimalizes traffic disruption, allowing streets to reopen quickly.

The machine set pavers come to the site manufactured in the final laying pattern, stacked in layers.
The equipment can lift and place a layer every 20 seconds.

Aqua-Bric® Type 4 “L”

This commercial paver was designed for efficient mechanical or manual installation and can accommodate surface infiltration of a minimum of 135 inches of rain per hour. Available in Chamfered (flat face, beveled edges) finish.

L SHAPE (80mm thick): 250mm x 250mm

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