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Project Feature: The Denbigh House Clubhouse for Brain Injury Survivors

The Denbigh House has been reaping the benefits of their patio and garden this summer, harvesting different vegetables that are used in communal meals. The center is a “clubhouse model program for individuals with brain injuries,” says Club House Director Jessica Dupuy. The center is designed to help individuals rehab from brain injuries, and their… Read more »

Backyard Bliss – A New Video Series from Eagle Bay

We’re proud to present our new video series, “Backyard Bliss with PatiYogi Steve.” Acknowledging the everyday struggle to balance work and play, this series of short videos follows our confident, quirky, hopelessly optimistic hero Steve as he tries to cast aside daily distractions and find his inner calm. Even with a beautiful backyard, that can… Read more »

Brock Environmental Center Receives Virginia ASLA Commendation

Photo by Hourigan Construction The Brock Environmental Center (BEC) located at Pleasure House Point in Virginia Beach, VA, is a one-of-a-kind building, completed in part thanks to SWM PAVE Permeable Pavers. What makes the BEC unique is its status as a Living Building and that it holds a LEED Platinum certification. To achieve this, the… Read more »

Cool it Now: Outdoor Fridges

When you’re looking for an outdoor fridge, it’s important to choose one that can handle the full spectrum of Mother Nature’s moods.

Love to DIY? Check Out Our New Fireplaces

All projects aren’t created equally. Especially when price is concerned. So it’s no wonder why homeowners have gravitated towards DIY projects. With that in mind, our latest DIY kits offer advantages in both price and speed of installation. Introducing the Eagle Bay Traditional Fireplace, See-Through Fireplace and Woodbox. All three products are styled in a… Read more »

Eagle Bay’s 2016 HARDSCAPE HERO Program

Winning the monthly Eagle Bay Hardscape Hero award just got a whole lot sweeter. Not only do contractors win, but the dealers who sold product to the winning Hardscape Hero get awarded as well. Check out the exciting new prizes we’re offering in 2016!

Backyard Tech for Your Holiday Wish List

There have been awesome developments since our last tech blog, and with the holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect time to put together your backyard wish list.

Second Look Stories: Linda Jensen

This month, we interviewed past Hardscape Hero winner Linda Jensen of Arrowwood Landscape Designs. Linda won our contest in September 2014, and we couldn’t wait to get a second look of how the project developed. Eagle Bay: How long did it take to complete the project? Linda Jensen: This project took about one month to… Read more »

3 Leaf Blowers For a Spotless Patio

The leaves that once provided with you delightful shade now litter the yard, patio and lawn. And with holiday entertaining around the corner, it’s time to tidy up your outdoor living space.


Meet this month’s Hardscape hero winner, Kyle Brown from Bedford, PA! Kyle works for Brown Landscape, a professional landscape installation firm that prides themselves on designing and installing gorgeous outdoor living spaces. The team is capable of completing a diverse set of projects, from installing hardscapes to shade structures and water features. Kyle’s favorite part… Read more »

Hardscape Trends: Highland Stone Retaining Wall

This season, we’ve noticed a higher demand for our retaining walls, and for good reason too. Not only do retaining walls yield functional values like restraining soil and providing seating, they also contribute natural aesthetic value to your garden. Because of its mix-and-match nature, our Highland Stone retaining wall system has been known to be… Read more »

Bringing The Outdoors In

The autumn season brings new changes to our lifestyles. For some, the cool fall weather is a welcome relief. Temperatures drop, the sun goes to bed earlier and our plants begin the end of their fruitful journeys. And although we may not be able to pick fresh vegetables and enjoy our beautiful flowers outdoors, who’s… Read more »