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Quick-Start Guide for Easy Gardening

Summer’s here, and you may be kicking yourself for not getting more of a jump on your gardening. Luckily, it’s possible to plant year-round and still have bountiful harvests. Here are some quick tips to help you get your Summer garden going in no time. Raised Beds Raised beds are great for a couple of… Read more »

Backyard Water Features Beyond the Pool

Pools are awesome, but they aren’t the only way to bring water into your patio design. Water features are great ways to add even more beauty and ambiance to your backyard. Here are a few options for adding a water feature to your patio without breaking the bank. Pond in a Pot A pond in… Read more »

Poop There It Is: How to Compost in Your Backyard

Compost is great for fertilizing your garden or lawn and reduces your overall waste and environmental footprint. In fact, it can reduce your household waste by up to 30%, according to the EPA. A compost pile allows you to use naturally occurring microbes to turn organic waste and some household waste into a soil amendment… Read more »

Garden of Youth: The Benefits of Gardening with Your Kids

A simple backyard garden is a great way to get kids outdoors, teach them about how plants grow, and produce some tasty veggies. Time outdoors is beneficial for everyone, but it’s crucial for children’s development. Sarah Sinclair, owner of Oakwood House (a nature-based childcare) explains, “Gardening is a great way to introduce children to a… Read more »

How to Manage a Backyard Rain Barrel

Harvesting rainwater in your backyard offers a ton of benefits. Rain barrels cost as little as $30, and this easy home improvement is a great way to add some value to your backyard. Simply put, a rain barrel will harvest runoff from your roof or gutter system. Typically, they’re placed right against your house, with… Read more »

Grill So Good: Easy Recipes for Spring Cookouts

If you’ve been eyeing your grill for the last month, it might be time to get outside and start cooking up some tasty meals. We’ve gathered up some great recipes to get you back into the swing of things and make sure you spend more time enjoying your patio and less time stressing over what… Read more »

Sweet as Honey: The Benefits of Backyard Beekeeping

Keeping a hive of bees in your backyard may not be something that’s ever crossed your mind. If it has, it may have seemed a bit intimidating. Backyard beekeeping is actually no more difficult than maintaining a garden, and it comes with some serious benefits. Bee Basics First, bear in mind that bees can travel… Read more »

Plants With a Purpose-What to Grow This Spring

Spring planting season is almost here, and you’re probably starting to think about how to bring some color back into your yard. What you may not be thinking about is how plants can best serve your outdoor area and will help improve it year after year. These plants do more than just look good; they’ll… Read more »

Pour Winter Cocktails Like The Pros

Seasonal cocktails are an excellent way to round out an evening around your fire pit, or on your patio with friends. We recently sat down with Preston Tran, bartender at the VMFA’s Amuse Restaurant, to talk about his three favorite Winter beverages. Preston’s been tending bar at Amuse for almost two years and has been bartending… Read more »

Get Out! The Best Outdoor Heaters For Your Patio

Outdoor heaters are a great way to get more usage out of your patio during the Winter months. They’re also a great addition to installing a fire pit. Outdoor heaters are generally smaller and will burn cleaner. What To Look For There are a few primary types of outdoor heaters available. When shopping, you can… Read more »

5 Tasty Recipes For Your Fire Pit

Nothing is more comforting than the smell of wood smoke and the slow crackle of a warm fire under a clear blue Winter sky. Make your Eagle Bay Fire Pit pull double duty and get some cooking done as well. These filling fire pit recipes are the perfect way to fill your stomach on a… Read more »

Survival Guide: How to Care for Your Hardscape During Harsh Winter Months

Winter is fast approaching and for many that means cold, icy and gray days. This kind of weather can wreak havoc on paved surfaces if not cared for properly. While pavers are naturally heartier than other surfaces like stamped concrete, taking time to prepare for winter weather can save your hardscape from unnecessary wear and… Read more »

Chop Chop! Everything You Need to Split Firewood

Splitting wood is an age-old art. Luckily, technology has kept up. Make feeding your fire pit as easy as possible with these helpful techniques, tips and tools. Technique is Everything Whether it’s your first time splitting wood or a seasoned pro, boning up on proper wood-splitting technique will save you from a sore back and a… Read more »

Thanksgrilling! Take This Year’s Thanksgiving To The Grill

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Take advantage of your full house to show off your patio and your cooking skills with these grill-ready recipes. So let’s talk turkey. The Main This grilled turkey recipe will have your guests asking for seconds. It’s guaranteed to keep your turkey plump and juicy and the cook times… Read more »

S’mores Galore; 5 Creative Recipes for a Tasty Fall Treat

Fall is here, which means you’re probably starting to spend more time around your cozy fireplace. Nothing compliments a night around the fire like making s’mores. Here are some recipes that will take your fireplace treat making to the next level. Slow Cooked Perfection Called ‘the ultimate s’more’ this slow cooked beauty is a no-mess… Read more »

Scary Easy Ways To Choose The Right Color For Your Hardscape

Picking the right color for your hardscape may seem easy but in reality, designing a beautiful patio takes some research and careful decision-making. Most contractors are pros at helping you choose everything from paver style to picking the color. Here are some tips to get your research started, and help make sure you’re considering all of… Read more »

How To Carve A Pumpkin Like A Pro

  The kids are playing in the pile of leaves you spent all morning raking up. There’s a fire roaring in your Eagle Bay fireplace. The smell of wood smoke fills the air. The only thing that can improve this Fall scene? A perfectly carved pumpkin. Here’s what you need to know to carve like… Read more »

Get Low: Mastering the Low Country Boil

  A Low Country Boil is a great way to feed a lot of guests without spending a ton of money. The traditional southern dish has a complex and interesting history, is easy to prepare and will give you the fuel you need to make it through a chilly fall evening. History The Low Country… Read more »

5 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Summer just isn’t Summer without tasty ice cream to help cool you down on a hot afternoon. Spend your next lazy day on the porch with one of these frozen treats. Keep it Old Fashioned Homemade ice cream doesn’t have to be fancy to be good. Master the basics with this straightforward recipe from Add… Read more »