Pick Your Look: Techniseal Patio Sealants and Cleaners

Your patio or driveway will get a lot of use, and over time, it may start to show. However, our line of sealers and cleaners can keep your patio looking fresh for years to come. Techniseal makes some of the most advanced paver sealants and cleaners on the market, and we’ve created a short list of recommended products to help keep your pavers looking their best.

HD Paver Prep Efflo Cleaner

Efflorescence occurs when salts and other soluble materials come to the surface of a paver, usually during periods of low temperatures and high moisture levels. The result is an unappealing white salt build-up on the surface of pavers. HD Paver Prep Efflo Cleaner is designed specifically to dissolve efflorescence build-up and enhance the colors of your pavers while thoroughly cleaning them, all without damaging them or causing wear to their surface.

Paver Restorer

Paver Restorer is perfect for bringing your pavers back to their original glory. This high-power cleaner removes the haze that can sometimes be left by polymeric sand (the binding agent between your pavers). It will brighten your pavers’ colors and clean their surfaces without damaging them at all.

Organic Stain Remover

The fifth law of patio physics states that anything that can happen will happen. Techniseal Organic Stain Remover can remove everything from mildew to dead leaves. It rinses off easily, and like the other cleaners, it won’t damage the surface of the pavers.


Sealants do two things to benefit your pavers. First, they create an invisible bond that prevents damaging contaminants and moisture from penetrating the pavers. Second, they can be used to enhance the look of your patio. Techniseal sealants are offered in four varieties: wet look, clear look, natural look, and color boost. Each possesses specific properties that allow you to further customize the look of your paver system.

Maintaining your pavers is easy. In most cases, a little preventative maintenance, such as applying a sealant, is all you need to do to keep your outdoor living space looking great. Techniseal offers a ton of great videos and information on their site to help you make the right decision when choosing which care and maintenance products to use.