Petrifying Patios: Spooky Backyard Halloween Decorations

Halloween is nearly upon us! Transforming your backyard into a haven for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls is as easy as spending an afternoon crafting. Check out these eerily easy backyard decoration ideas and go from home sweet home to Nightmare on Elm Street in a couple of hours.

Lawn Skeleton

Everyone’s seen the funny tombstones that litter lawns every Halloween. Why not step it up a notch and make your own lawn skeletons? Drop a few of these guys in your yard and create your very own army of the undead. Get the full tutorial from DIY Network.

Glowing Eyes

This super easy craft will turn your bushes into homes for all sorts of dangerous beasts. Make your own bush creatures by following these easy steps.

Don’t Be a Chicken

No backyard haunt is complete without a few ghosts. Create your own with some chicken wire and glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Simply mold the chicken wire into a ghostly shape or get more advanced and model a human form. Spray paint it and set it up in your yard. It’ll glow all night long, giving everyone who sees it the heebie-jeebies. Get the instructions here.

Haunted Picture Frames

Light the walkway to your house with these creepy frames. Start by nailing four picture frames together to make an open cube. Then put spooky pictures painted on vellum paper into the frames and drop a candle inside the cube. Get the step-by-step directions here.