Perfect Pavers: 2018’s Trends for Outdoor Living Spaces

Patio season is heating up, and you’re probably brainstorming the best way to design your patio. Of course, a paver patio is an ideal foundation for any outdoor living space, but choosing the right décor will take it to the next level. Check out 2018’s biggest patio trends below!

So Hot Right Now

Over the last few years, fire features have exploded in popularity, and it’s safe to say that they’ve transcended from a patio trend to a staple of good design. Both fire pits and fireplaces offer you a focal point in your design or the perfect accent for an outdoor space of any size. Picking one out for your patio? Learn more about our fire features.

Have a Seat

Gone are the days of rickety plastic patio furniture. Instead, more and more manufacturers are making high-quality, almost living room-worthy patio pieces. The Helena collection from Summer Classics is the perfect example of the potential of modern patio furnishing. Make your comfort a priority, and settle into something that’ll make you feel at home in your outdoor living space.

Paver Patterns

With pavers, you can also mix and match dozens of color, finish, and size combinations to create a design that’s truly your own. Inlays are patterns of colors and sizes designed to create a visual effect on your pavers. Use an inlay to mimic a throw rug or add borders or other personal touches to your patio.

Must-Have Blankets

With the rise in popularity of outdoor rooms, many people are also using textiles and outdoor fabrics to dress up their outdoor living spaces. Textiles can be used as blankets when hanging out around a fire pit, or you can use them to decorate your patio furniture and other features. The great thing about textiles and outdoor fabrics is that they’re easily rearranged to create a totally new vibe.

Creating an outdoor room that you love comes down to two simple concepts: style and comfort. Mix and match different fabrics, furniture, and other design elements to make your space your own.