New Year’s Resolution: 2018’s Paver Fitness Plan

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One of the benefits of an interlocking paver system is the relatively low amount of maintenance required compared to other patio options. By developing a regular maintenance routine, you can extend the life of your pavers and reduce the effects of weathering and wear. These helpful tips will keep your patio ship-shape all year round, so you can spend more time relaxing.

Clean Sweep

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Aaron Phifer of Techniseal says that the absolute best thing you can do to maintain your patio is “…sweep and clear debris regularly. Use a leaf blower or a broom and try to keep leaves and other organic debris off the pavers.”

Sweeping regularly keeps air flowing over the pavers, allowing them to dry after rains, which prevents mold and moss from forming. Organic debris like leaves can also stain pavers.

Vinegar Diet

Weeds can wreak havoc on pavers. They can cause disruptions in water flow, create stains, and detract from the beauty of your patio. Home Repair Tutor recommends using white vinegar to keep weeds from spreading. It’s less harsh than many chemical-based weed killers and will gently remove weeds from your patio.

Mix water, dish soap, and white vinegar in a spray bottle and coat the weeds. “The soap will help the white vinegar stick to the weeds and allow the acidity of the vinegar to break down the plant,” the site says.

Strengthen Your Decor

Outdoor Visions by Jeff Gray

HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR, Jeff Gray, recommends paying special attention to high-traffic areas and your patio furniture. “We always recommend that clients use rubber foot covers on metal patio furniture and cover the furniture when not in use to prevent rust runoff,” he says.

Metal patio furniture can create gouges in pavers, and rust can leave unsightly stains. By keeping the furniture covered, you can limit its exposure to moisture and the development of rust. Another tip is to use car polish on the furniture’s metal to prevent rusting. It’ll also give the furniture a beautiful sheen and protect it from sun fading. 

No Stain, No Pain

One of the most important things you can do to keep your pavers in good shape is to apply a paver sealant every couple of years. Paver sealers, like those from Techniseal, prevent your pavers from being damaged by the sun, organic stains, and moisture. They’re easy to apply and can even be used to give your pavers a wet look or boost their color. Check out a before-and-after from a recent Techniseal Demo completed on an Eagle Bay HARDSCAPE HERO project.

Keeping up with your patio is easy if you’re proactive with your maintenance regimen. Spending a few minutes blowing away leaves will repay itself in dividends in paver longevity and aesthetics. HARDSCAPE HERO of the YEAR Jeff Gray offers a few additional tips to help keep your patio in top shape. “Avoid abrasive scrubbers; use rubber tipped snow shovels and leaf blowers. Never wire brushes or power washers. The most important thing is to make sure your pavers can breathe. Air flow over the pavers will keep them dry and prevent stains and moss from building up,” he says.