It’s Easy Being Green: Tips to Create a Sustainable Patio

HGTV just named green patios one of the top backyard design trends of 2017. If your goal is to create a beautiful outdoor living space while being environmentally conscious, we’ve got some great ideas to help you turn your patio into a sustainable, beautiful space.

Get Buzzed

One of the easiest things you can do to make your outdoor living space greener is to encourage visits from honey bees. They’ll pollinate your yard, making your garden grow better, and you’ll give your local ecosystem a boost. Planting native plants and grouping brightly colored flowers into clumps will encourage nature’s busiest helpers to frequent your backyard. Want to take it a step further? Learn how to start a backyard bee hive.

Harvest Water

Rain barrels can cost as little as $30 and can harvest up to 1300 gallons of water in a season. You can use that water to water your garden and grass or to rinse off your patio. In some states, you can even get a tax credit for harvested rain water. This natural recycling method will reduce your household’s water consumption, benefit your garden, and save you some money. It’s easy being green. Check out our guide to rain barrels.

Paver Choice

If you’re starting from scratch and planning your paver patio now, you can greatly reduce your footprint by considering permeable pavers. Permeable pavers, like Turfstone or Ecobay, filter runoff and contaminants during rain events. The result is cleaner water entering the area’s groundwater reserve. Permeable pavers are just as durable and good-looking as regular pavers, but they can have a huge positive impact on your local ecosystem.

Sit Naturally

If you’re thinking about redecorating your patio, considering purchasing eco-friendly patio furniture. You have tons of options, including pieces made from reclaimed wood or even recycled milk jugs, like these products from loll. Recycled furniture reduces your carbon footprint and the impact your patio has on the environment. You can even find organic patio rugs made from bamboo, cotton, sisal, and coir.

Grill Green


Grilling season can mean a lot of waste if you’re using the wrong type of fuel. If you’re considering a new grill, choosing propane is an eco-friendly choice. Charcoal grills create lots of soot and smoke, and they have relatively low heat and duration outputs compared to the amount of fuel required. A propane grill will cook your food more efficiently and quickly while doing less damage to the environment.

 Choosing to create an eco-friendly patio doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul your existing outdoor living area, but making a few simple choices can have a huge impact on the environment.