Gleeful Garden: DIY Backyard Games

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 Summertime is quickly approaching and your family is probably itching to get outside and have some fun. Adding games to your patio is a great way to keep your guests and kids entertained for hours. Get your outdoor living space into game mode with these easy-to-assemble backyard games.

Checkmate Chill Out

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 An outdoor chess set is a unique and functional way to add some fun to your backyard. There are several ways to install the playing board, from laying colored paver inlays to painting blocks that can be laid over your existing patio. You can easily make or buy the game pieces.

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Vertical Art

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Vertical chalkboards are an affordable and easy way to maximize your outdoor living space and help your kids express themselves artistically, without scribbling on your kitchen walls. You can install a vertical chalkboard against your fence or on the side of a shed or deck. When it gets full, just hose it off and start over!

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Backyard Brewery

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Visit an outdoor brewery almost anywhere and you’ll probably see a giant Jenga set. Based on the tabletop version, giant Jenga ups the stakes with 4-foot-tall towers of leaning blocks. You can make your own giant Jenga set in just a couple of hours.

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7-10 Split

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Make recycling even more fun by turning your old plastic bottles into a set of bowling pins for outdoor bowling. This is an active and fun game for kids and will work great on your patio pavers. Spend a rainy day painting the pins and have a great time bowling in your own backyard alley.

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There’s nothing better than spending a sunny afternoon cooking out and playing some friendly games. Take advantage of the last little bit of winter to do some crafts with the kids and roll into spring with a fresh batch of games for your patio!