Easy Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Attracting more birds to your patio is as simple as making a couple of small changes to your landscape plan. Use the tips below to create an aviary right in your backyard.


Introducing a consistent fresh water supply is the best way to start attracting birds to your yard. Consider creating a watering hole that’s elevated and accessible to birds year-round. Elevating the water source limits access to predators and helps convince the birds that it’s a safe place to land. Just be sure to keep the water source clean to prevent the growth of mosquitos and algae. We recommend a rippling pond or water urn.


There are a few ways to create shelter for birds that may visit your yard. Birds avoid large open areas because they open them up to predators. Birds also seek shelter in bad weather and often nest in shrub piles or brush.

To create shelter in your backyard, consider planting a hedge or windbreak, like holly, near the edge of your yard. Birds will take advantage of the shelter, even if it means swooping back and forth to the bird feeder. Another option is to create a brush pile. Pull limbs and brush that you trim into a pile and leave them in the corner of your yard. They’ll function as a shelter for birds and tinder for your fire.

Go Green

According to Allaboutbirds.com, household pesticides and fertilizers kill about 7 million birds a year. Reducing your use of these chemicals by even 25% can have a huge positive impact on your local ecosystem and the wildlife surrounding your house. If you want to go even greener, consider a permeable paver patio and create a self-filtering paver system in your backyard. It won’t help the birds, but the fish will thank you.


Of course, birds need something to eat while they’re visiting your landing pad, so planting berries and providing other sources of food is a great way to attract them. Reducing your pesticide use also provides a food source because bugs will come back to your yard, offering ample food for the birds. Other options include bird feeders and berry bushes. Work with your landscaper or contractor to select bushes native to your area.

By providing a few natural elements, you’re guaranteed to bring birds into your yard year after year. They play an essential part of our ecosystem, and attracting birds is a good way to encourage other wildlife to pay you a visit as well.