5 Great Gadgets for Outdoor Living This Spring

Spring is here! We’ve gathered a list of some of the best new outdoor gadgets to make your grilling and chilling as relaxing as possible.


The Archeer 25W Bluetooth Speaker is a stylish way to bring some tunes to your patio.  It boasts a huge subwoofer for deep bass and an 11-hour rechargeable battery. It has Bluetooth so you can play your music remotely, and the bamboo face makes it a smart addition to any patio setup.

Light Dinner

An Eagle Bay fire pit or fireplace isn’t the only way to brighten up your patio. This illuminated table and chair set are perfect for adding some light and some funky flair to your outdoor living space. It features a large 23.5” table, it’s UV resistant, and it will work in weather from –30°F to 140°F.

Keep an Eye Out

The Brinno Garden Watch Cam is designed to help you track the progress of your garden as it grows and detect any mischievous critters that may hamper its growth. The 1.3-megapixel camera can be set to take photos at varying intervals and save them for you to watch on a handy flash drive.

Flip on Command

Lynx has created what could be called the ultimate grill. The Lynx Professional grill is Bluetooth equipped, and it can store hundreds of recipes that are synced with your smart phone. If you tell it to cook burgers, it’ll ask you how many burners to light and then track the meat’s temperature to tell you exactly when to flip them. Become a burger master!

Beer Prepper’s Best Friend

We had to save the best for last. The eCool Underground Beer Cooler is exactly what it sounds like. Using the earth as your fridge, this naturally cooling beer holder will keep your adult beverages chilled without costing you a cent in electricity. It’s eco-friendly, covert, and sure to give your guests a good chuckle when they ask for a beer.